Time To Run: the NEW album on CD
  • Time To Run: the NEW album on CD
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Thinker - Time to Run Following on from their critically acclaimed debut 'Call To Arms' Thinker return with a stunning new album 'Time to Run'. This superb 10 track opus highlights a mature expansion of the bands trademark sound with a clever mix of frenetic and subtle guitar, virtuoso fiddle playing and groove orientated bass and percussion laced with strong heartfelt vocals, sublime harmonies and lyrical themes of loss,love and politics, creating an enchanting and unique body of songs. Thinker have become a welcome and entertaining staple on the local live scene and festival circuit building up a strong following in the process, some of whom will already be familiar with one or two of the 'road tested' songs on show here. The band are confident that this album will further cement their reputation as a musical force to be reckoned with. If catchy,creative and endearing music is your thing then you wont want to miss out on 'Time to Run'.

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